Owner-occupied housing

For those who dream of owning the roof over their heads

Is it time to move into your own home?

There are several ways to approach the housing search. We want to help you on your way. Therefore, this page presents you with various searches on Boligsiden.dk and Boliga.dk.

If you are curious about the estate agents’ experience and advice, you will find contact information for the municipality’s estate agents at the bottom of the page.

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We created a search for you. See homes for sale in Ikast-Brande Municipality.


We also created a search for you on Boliga – another home search portal. 

Contact estate agents

Local estate agents know a lot about the area.

They have spoken to countless buyers and interested parties, and they know the answers to the most common questions.

They want to help you and your family get on your way.

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Estate agents in Ikast-Brande Municipality

Brande Boligsalg by John Sørensen

Skovbrynet 151,
7330 Brande

T: +45 6039 5240

W: brandeboligsalg.dk

Danbolig Brande

Jernbanegade 7,
7330 Brande

T: +45 9718 0815

W: danbolig.dk

Danbolig Ikast

Strøget 55, st.th.,
7430 Ikast

T: +45 9627 0815

W: danbolig.dk

EDC Brande

Jernbanegade 5,
7330 Brande

T: +45 9718 0088

W: edc.dk

EDC Ikast

Strøget 34,
7430 Ikast

T:+45 9715 3322

W: edc.dk

EDC Nørre Snede

Rosengade 20,
8766 Nørre Snede

T: +45 7026 9626

W: edc.dk


Skadevej 26,
8765 Klovborg

T: +45 2428 5599

W: msejendomscentret.dk

Ejendomsmæglerfirmaet John Frandsen

Vestergade 22,
7430 Ikast

T: +45 8870 5090

W: johnfrandsen.dk

Home Ikast

Østergade 1,
7430 Ikast

T: +45 9715 4266

W: home.dk

Lokalbolig Brande ApS

Storegade 38,
7330 Brande

T: +45 9718 0100

W: lokalbolig.dk

Nybolig Ikast

Østergade 5,
7430 Ikast

T: +45 9715 6833

W: nybolig.dk

Contact Newcomer Service

Lene can help you find answers to your questions and connect you to the right contact persons. Call her at direct number +45 99 60 40 17 or e-mail welcome@ikast-brande.dk.