Local Living

This page will introduce you to local life in Ikast-Brande Municipality. You will find answers to a lot of questions: Where are the schools and swimming pools? What about sports, culture, nature, volunteering and associations? Find your way around the map and get to know the municipality.

Map of the municipality

Where are the schools, nurseries and bike trails? On this page you can find out about the towns and what is happening locally – from sports and associations to nature and culture. A lot of towns have their own, very unique characteristics. A common feature is that the towns are full of firebrands who are enthusiastic about the community.

Explore the map and discover the possibilities in Ikast-Brande Municipality.

How does the map work?

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Arts and culture

There is much to experience in Ikast-Brande Municipality. Culture Night gets the whole municipality involved for one autumn evening, with museums and local music events, gable paintings and the Street Art Festival in Brande, sculptures in Ikast, stories about the Wool Jutlanders and the region’s textile history and much more.

If you want more, the major international events taking place in i.a. Herning, Aarhus and Horsens are only a short distance away.


Ikast-Brande Municipality is filled with beautiful nature. The Ancient Road, Harrild Heath, Bølling Lake, the best fishing waters – the possibilities are endless. Delve into the delights and you will be surprised.

VisitIkast-Brande and VisitHerning have merged, and you can get inspiration for experiences in our municipalities on visitherning.dk.

Be active in Ikast-Brande Municipality

Associations are blooming in Ikast-Brande Municipality. There are a host of activities for those who are interested in sports, culture and voluntary social associations. Networks often start based on common interests and sports.

On the website Aktivikastbrande.dk you can get an overview of associations within the municipality. You will find contact information and a map where you can easily see the location of your chosen association.

The link below to Aktivikastbrande.dk opens in a new page.

What is ‘foreningsliv’?

In Denmark, there is a tradition of participating in sports with local sports associations and engaging with the community. This is where people meet, and the associations are run by volunteers.

Read the DGI sports association’s description of ‘foreningsliv’ – Danish for life in various associations.

The link below to ‘foreningsliv’ opens in a new page.

Contact Newcomer Service

Lene can help with answers and finding the right contact persons. Her contact information is +45 99 60 40 17 and welcome@ikast-brande.dk.