New to Ikast-Brande Municipality?

We have compiled an overview of accommodation types to suit different needs – whether you want to rent, buy or build. There are plenty of possibilities here.

Private rentals in the Brande area are announced on the website www.brande.dk.


Looking for a rental property in Ikast-Brande Municipality? Then read on for inspiration.


Who are the estate agents and what’s for sale? Go exploring and be surprised by what’s on offer.


Dreaming about building your own place? You can find plots for sale within the municipality here.

Get value for money here

The average price of a 140 sqm house in Ikast-Brande is 1.3m DKK. In Herning the average price is 1.5m DKK. Otherwise the rule is: The further east, the higher the price. The average price in Silkeborg is 2.0m DKK, and Aarhus tops in Jutland with an average price of 3.2m DKK. The average price in Copenhagen is 5.4m DKK.

Contact Newcomer Service

Lene can help with answers and finding the right contact persons. Her contact information is +45 99 60 40 17 and welcome@ikast-brande.dk.